Digital - Ukulele Ensemble for Tenor/Soprano Ukuleles

Digital - Ukulele Ensemble for Tenor/Soprano Ukuleles

Ukulele Ensemble is a digital book of 50 tunes arranged for tenor, concert and soprano ukulele tuning with high/low G tunings in 2-4 parts. It is graded into three levels of difficulty to cater for beginners through to experienced players. Fun, innovative and educational, the tunes are perfect for ensemble groups in schools, the community and performances. A performance friendly format, there are no page turns for any tune to avoid hassle. 

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Video tutorials and audiotracks of each tune in the book are available on this website to watch and listen to - free of charge!


  • Specifications

    94 pages. 50 tunes. PDF format. Easily printable from your printer at home.