Solo and Green Fieldz


Sally Carter performs solo as Sally’s Ukulele. She also performs with Keith Rea as a duo called Green Fieldz. 


Both Facebook pages for Sally’s Ukulele and Green Fieldz have many videos that can be viewed, showing performances with ukulele duo (Sally on tenor ukulele and Keith on baritone ukulele), Sally’s ukulele solo work, and Sally and Keith performing with Sally on fiddle/ukulele and Keith on guitar.


For Sally, all music is to be explored, and her solo performances as well as her performances with Keith reflect this. Genres performed include Celtic, jazz favourites, pop hits, ragtime, originals, gypsy jazz, bluegrass, country and oldtime. No stone is left unturned, and more is to be added to the list as time goes by!


Festivals have been a major part of the gig schedule - not only for performances, but for running workshops as well. Festival performances include Yass Irish and Celtic Festival, Beechworth Celtic Festival, Inverloch Jazz Festival, PAVE Festival, Frankston Music Festival, Mornington Main Street Festival, Mornington Winter Festival, Girgarre Music Muster, 4-String Festival (NZ)…….and more.


Workshops that cater for different levels of experience include:

Ukulele - Sally teaches strumming techniques.

Ukulele - Sally gets you playing melodies on ukulele. Learning to read tablature.

Ukulele - Sally teaches fingerpicking styles to suit most songs/tunes.

Ukulele - Sally shows handy riffs to flash up your playing.

Fiddle - absolute beginners. By the end of the hour, Sally will have you playing simple tunes.

Fiddle - Sally introduces part playing in tunes. Melody and 2-3 harmony parts.

Fiddle - Sally shows you how to play tunes up the neck in 3rd position. How to get your head around the geography of the fingerboard.

Guitar - Keith shows you fingerpicking techniques that allow you to  bring out a tune while playing the chords.

Guitar - Keith teaches how to pick out a fast Celtic tune on guitar. How to best move around the fingerboard, and best fingering techniques to use.


Music is to be played, performed, taught, shared, listened to, jammed…….and above all enjoyed! That is what is important to Sally and Keith.


Online and live gigs and festivals will be advertised on Facebook as they are scheduled.

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