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Hardcopy - Ukulele Ensemble 3

Hardcopy - Ukulele Ensemble 3

Provides an exciting collection of tunes composed for 2 – 4 parts including melody, harmonies and chords for most of the tunes.
All the arrangements include the music score as well as ukulele tablature for soprano, concert and tenor ukuleles.
There are a wide range of genres including classical, folk, Celtic, ragtime, jazz, blues, Klezma, Eastern and novelty tunes.
Included are tips and information on plucking and strumming patterns for different time signatures, beginning a tune with an anacrusis, bluegrass flatpicking exercises, tremolo exercises, compound and simple time signatures, and understanding rests in the music score.

Generally this book is for intermediate to more advanced players, although beginners will be able to enjoy playing some parts in many of the tunes.


A4 spiral bound soft cover. 50 original tunes. 130 pages.

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