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Sally runs online or in-person workshops for ukulele groups all over Australia.

Ukulele workshops that cater for different levels of experience include:


Workshop 1 (60 min): 

To learn how to read tablature.

To understand timing and time signatures in written music and how this relates to the tablature.

What fingering to use on the fretboard.

How to pluck the strings – what fingering to use, or whether to use a plectrum.

Look at and discuss a simple tune arranged as an ensemble – melody, harmony parts and chords.

Play through all the parts and assign different people to play the different parts. Talk about how to play chords in an ensemble setting.


Workshop 2 (90 min):

Look at, discuss and play another ensemble tune/s.

Look at different strumming patterns that suit playing in an ensemble where melody and harmonies are being played.

Look at different plucking patterns. Another discussion on fingering to use for the plucking hand.

Talk about techniques in ensemble playing – how to start, how to maintain an even time and tempo, ideas on arranging, how to end.

This workshop goes well after Workshop 1.


Workshop 3 (90 min):             

​Understanding how to play well known chord shapes all over the fretboard.

How to avoid playing barre chords.

How to pluck/strum three string chords up the ukulele fretboard.

How to add variation to a song using these techniques.

Workshop 4 (60 min):                

Do you have a song in a key you can't sing in?

Learn how to transpose quickly and easily.

Well known songs will be played in different keys.

This workshop goes well after Workshop 3.

Workshop 5 (60 min):

How to arrange a song for group performance.

Techniques discussed will include how to pick the right key, key changes, developing the song from plucking to strumming, volume changes, acapella singing, the concept of space in a song to avoid the 'wall of sound'.

This workshop goes well after Workshops 3 and 4.

Workshop 6 (60 min):

How to simultaneously pluck chords and melody.

What notes are in each chord.

A basic understanding of tab reading and plucking patterns is required.

This workshop goes well after Workshops 1 and 2.

Workshop 7 (60 min):

How to look at a melody and put chords to it.

Learn what chords are commonly used in different keys.

A basic knowledge of chords and reading music scores is required.

This workshop goes well after Workshop 6.

Resources:                     All sheet music resources will be supplied on the day.

What To Bring:   Workshop participants will need to bring their own ukulele and music stand.

Merchandise:      There will be the opportunity to purchase my Ukulele  Ensemble 1 book,  Ukulele  Ensemble 2                                  book, and my Ukulele Solo and Duo 1 book on the day.                                                                                                        Much of the tab reading workshops will be based on excerpts from these  books.                                                        Cost $40 per book, $75 for two, $110 for three. Hardcopies available  only. 



Fiddle and guitar workshops:                                                             


Fiddle - absolute beginners. By the end of the hour, Sally will have you playing simple tunes.


Fiddle - Sally introduces part playing in tunes. Melody and 2-3 harmony parts.


Fiddle - Sally shows you how to play tunes up the neck in 3rd position. How to get your head  around the geography of the fingerboard.


Guitar - Keith shows you fingerpicking techniques that allow you to  bring out a tune while playing the chords.


Guitar - Keith teaches how to pick out a fast Celtic tune on guitar. How to best move around the fingerboard, and best fingering techniques to use.


Music is to be played, performed, taught, shared, listened to, jammed…….and above all enjoyed! That is what is important to Sally and Keith.


Online and live gigs and festivals will be advertised on Facebook as they are scheduled.

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