Sally has a real love of all things ukulele. She has brought together all her knowledge of music composition and part writing to develop her own unique approach to playing the ukulele.


Her ukulele performance skills include jazz, Celtic tunes, pop songs, ragtime, bluegrass……..and more.


She arranges all songs and tunes that she performs, adding her own flavour to well known numbers with riffs, varied fingerpicking patterns, and of course her beautiful vocals that blend seamlessly with what she is playing on her ukulele.


Sally’s passion for ukulele also extends to sharing her ideas, discoveries and tips with others. She posts regular tutorial and performance videos on her facebook page Sally’s Ukulele.


Sally is available to provide online support to those who have any ukulele questions. She also runs online individual lessons.


Sally’s Ukulele is about sharing the love of ukulele with anybody who wants to enrich their ukulele journey. As a result, Sally was prompted to write a Ukulele Ensemble book of original tunes that catered for 2-4 separate parts.


Ukulele Ensemble is 94 pages of 50 tunes ranging in difficulty for beginners to more experienced players. It is well suited to schools, community ukulele groups and festival performances.


Sally has had experience with leading ukulele group masterclasses and workshops. Most recently, this was with the Goldfields Ukestra based in Bendigo and the 4-String Festival in New Zealand. Sally was also involved in the Buddies for Beginners program organised by Community Music Victoria in May 2020.